• old kent road

    the commuter cycled as fast as he could go, noticing only the tarmac and traffic. the ride stopped and he got off, as darkness fell he walked the street again. I wanted to record the grimness of the Old Kent Road, a major road leading into Central London I had travelled down many times before cursing at the fumes, the traffic, the endless tarmac and concrete. My original intention was to capture some of the political aspects of how little we invest in our communal urban landscape when it plays such a large part in both employment and wealth and in our daily experience. I had theorised about how the introduction of greater design and new trees and street furniture might improve the arid stretches I thought I was so familiar with. I came to realise that my familiarity was illusionary and my perception was the product of the state of my mind. I worked at night so that I literally saw the landscape in a new light. I began to notice aspects of the street including mature trees, parks and green areas that hadn’t registered at all before.