tango dancers of south london

At work, their spirits are soothed by the anticipated release of tango.

bacton defenses

the sea defences at bacton display their catch, the traces of humanity jettisoned at sea and washed ashore.

bacton fences

a chalet park in Bacton secured from the outside world by its link fence.

eau de nil screenprints

eau de nil screenprints The exact source of the Nile is disputed but one starting point is Jinja on Lake Victoria in Uganda. It descends on average one quarter of a centimetre every kilometre for ...

working from home

The artist is interested in the intersection of the domestic and the office, a reflection of his personal experience of 24 years in the office environment where he gained first line management skills and was ...

new world market

old world market

sway 2014

the human tide on a south london pavement over a saturday and a sunday.

old kent road

the commuter cycled as fast as he could go, noticing only the tarmac and traffic. the ride stopped and he got off, as darkness fell he walked the street again. I wanted to record the ...


project: cashino

Peckham – Financial Centre of South London   Since the riots in the summer of 2011, Peckham’s financial centre has been reinventing itself and can now proudly declare it is truly ‘open for business’ again. ...

work: tea break

We are all servants of the machine – first the desk and typewriter, then the computer and finally as the computers linked up and we all joined the global arena, the 24×7 internet chains us ...

work: couples

Workplace Romance involves two members of the same organisation who experience mutual attraction. As individuals spend increasing hours in the workplace, they begin to spend more time with co-workers building relationships. While employers may desire ...

work: break

work: zinia clocks on


A record of an hour in 5 minute increments. Measured by the spread of sweat across a T shirt whilst exercising.

Mike Pevsner is a London-based fine art and commercial photographer.
He received an MA in Photography in 2013 at the London College of Communication after completing a postgraduate certificate at Central Saint Martins in 2011.
His project ‘Working From Home’ was Highly Commended in 2013 by the Sproxton Photography Award, and can be seen in the ‘art projects’ section which contains his artistic output.
His commercial work mainly specialises in pictures of artistic endeavour including architecture, music and ceramics.